Pi Beta Phi
At Johns Hopkins University
Chapter Leadership
Chapter President

Meet our 2019 Chapter President, Jenn Heiko, a junior studying BME from Long Island, NY. She wanted this position because she would be able to be involved in every aspect of Pi Phi. “I want to do as much as I can for this sorority, which has given me so many great friends and many leadership and philanthropic opportunities. I love being a part of Pi Phi and it has made my college experience so amazing!” 

Vice President of Member Development

Our Vice President of Membership Development is Morgan De Groot! Morgan is a junior from Iowa majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish for the Professions. She is involved in the JHU Pep Band (where she plays three different instruments), PAWS, and holds two different jobs within the Milten S. Eisenhower Library. A fun fact about Morgan is that she used to show her pet rabbit at the county fair and she now owns a cat that walks on a leash! She's excited to help her sisters discover their potential through her position on exec and she loves how Pi Phi has given her the close sense of family she was used to in her small hometown. 

Name: Samantha Albstein
E-Mail: mdgammavpmd@gmail.com

Sam is a junior majoring in Math and Psychology and minoring in music and theatre. She is a member of the Barnstormers, the Ladybirds Dance Team, and the Peabody-Hopkins Chorus. A fun fact is that she has seen 83 different musicals, not counting the ones that she has been in or seen more than once! Samantha says, “My favorite part of being in Pi Phi is being so close to my sisters that I never leave their sides. I live with a Pi Phi, dance with Pi Phis, and am in constant communication with my amazing pham.”

Vice President of Administration

Meet Julia Bernal, our 2019 Vice President of Administration. She is from Miami, Florida and is double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology, and minoring in Theatre Arts and Studies. She currently volunteers with KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) and the Adult Emergency Department at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. She is also involved in Lambda Epsilon Mu (the Latino Pre-Health Honor Society) and Nu Rho Psi (the Neuroscience Honor Society). In addition, she works as an Athletic Training Assistant with the Varsity athletes. “I am so excited for the upcoming year. Pi Phi has given me a family, a home away from home. Some of my best memories in college so far have been with my Pham and my sisters. I decided to run for the executive board because I wanted to help this sorority to continue to thrive.” 

Name: Sondra Rahmeh
E-Mail: mdgammavpa@gmail.com

Sondra is a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. On campus she is involved with HERO, Blue Key Society, research on the med campus and is a PILOT and Design Team leader. A fun fact about Sondra is that she is a great swing dancer and used to dance and play piano at a swing syndicate in Austin! Her favorite part about being in Pi Phi is the sense of community and always having someone to take a study break with in the library.

Vice President of Membership

Meet our 2019 Vice President of Membership, Taylor Martin! Taylor is a junior from San Diego, California and is studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. Not only is she a Research Assistant for the Johns Hopkins Department of Surgery, but she also the Vice President of Marketing for Nest Strategies, a marketing consulting group on campus. “I have grown to love Pi Phi and every one of my sisters and I can’t wait to showcase how amazing this sisterhood is during formal recruitment and throughout the year. I also hope to further increase chapter moral and make sure everyone gets the absolute most out of Pi Phi. Being a Pi Phi has meant so much more to me than I thought it ever could and I have found so many beautiful, strong, and dedicated women through this organization.” Pi Phi has given her a home and true friends that she knows she will have for the rest of her life and she is so excited that she gets to be a part of every Maryland Gamma’s experience as VP of Membership! 

Name: Alyssa Remshak
E-Mail: mdgammavpm@gmail.com

Alyssa is a junior majoring in Writing Seminars and minoring in Marketing and Communications and Psychology. On campus, she is on the Ladybirds Dance Team, a member of the American Marketing Association, and is a TA for BBC and Principles of Marketing. A fun fact about Alyssa is that she was 10 the first time she was published and her favorite thing about Pi Phi is all of the sincere friendships she has made.

Vice President of Finance

Our 2019 Vice President of Finance is Abbie Bowman. Abbie is from Little Mountain, South Carolina and is double majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Psychology. On Campus, Abbie works for Student Leadership and Involvement and is a director for Dance Marathon, sponsorship chair for the JHU Ballet Company, is a Woodrow Wilson research fellow in the John Kim Lab studying miRNA regulation in C. elegans, and is an intern with the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center development office. As VPF, Abbie hopes to bring more financial literacy programs to the sisters in pi phi, educating them on budgeting and post-graduation financial management for she knows how important it is to learn financial management at an early age. Pi Phi has brought Abbie her closest friends and she does not know what she would do without them.

Name: Nicole Duran
E-Mail: mdgammavpf@gmail.com

Nicole is a junior majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and is a TA for the Center for Leadership Education. On campus she is involved with the Johns Hopkins Graduate Consulting Club, Medhacks, research into leadership and empowerment for nurses and midwives in Tanzania, and is a Merit Tutor for Arlington Middle School. Her favorite thing about Pi Phi is the support and diversity she has found within the sorority. Pi Phi has introduced her to different majors and activities and given her a family that she truly wanted as a freshman. A fun fact about Nicole is that she has an annual tradition of backpacking and camping on Pike’s Peak in Colorado and last year found a cabin from the miners that came to Colorado during the Gold Rush!

Vice President of Fraternity Development

Meet our chapter’s 2019 Vice President of Fraternity Development, Alise Leiboff! She is a sophomore majoring in Medicine Science & Humanities and minoring in French, and is honored to be taking on the role of VPFD for the Maryland Gamma Chapter of Pi Beta Phi. This position drew her interest because, in addition to providing the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the chapter, it offers her the unique chance to observe tradition while simultaneously celebrating the change that each generation of new members brings with them. Outside of Greek life she is involved with Model UN, SHARE, American Red Cross, clinical research, and more recently, MINTI/ALC. This coming year she hopes to expand our chapter’s already broad reach on campus, putting together more service events with other student organizations. “As someone who had absolutely no intentions of joining a sorority coming into college, accepting a bid from Pi Phi was one of the best decisions I made at Hopkins. If not for this Fraternity, I would not have met half of amazing people, nor would I have experienced half of the incredible opportunities, that I have at this point in my college career.” 

Name: Alex Seo
E-Mail: mdgammavpfd@gmail.com

Alex is a sophomore majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and minoring in Psychology. On campus she does research in the Yumi Kim Lab studying chromosome segregation during meisosis in C. elegans, gives BlueKey society tours, is a member of the HMR Symposium and Health Leads, and is a research assistant at the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Alex loves being able to see fall on campus because she doesn’t get to see the leaves change at her home in Texas and her favorite part of being in Pi Phi is the intelligent and sincere women that she is always surrounded by, especially her awesome pham.

Vice President of Philanthropy

Meet our 2019 Vice President of Philanthropy, Lauren Paulet! Lauren is from Miami, Florida and is an International Studies major. She’s of JHU’s Student Government Senators and a Co-President for the Cuban American Undergraduate Student Association. “When I joined Pi Phi, I wanted more than just a sisterhood... I wanted an opportunity to give back to the Baltimore Community. As a new member I lead our sisters to a local Baltimore elementary school, where we helped students improve their literacy and reading comprehension. Maya Angelou once said, “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” Through Pi Phi I’ve been able to work hands on with children and give back to the next generation!” One of her major goals is to collaborate with more organizations on campus this year to make an even bigger impact and spread our philanthropy to a larger community.

Name: Polly Berman
E-Mail: mdgammavpp@gmail.com

Polly is a Behavior Biology major and is a member of Global Brigades as well as being a lifeguard at the Rec Center and one of the school mascots. A fun fact about Polly is that she’s watched all seasons of Grey’s Anatomy 5 times! Her favorite part of being a Pi Phi is that there are so many people she is friends with that she wouldn’t have met without Pi Phi because they are involved in so many different things at Hopkins. She also loves how every day she always has a friendly face to wave to on her way to class.

Vice President of Communications

Our 2019 Vice President of Communications is Erica Selznick. Erica is from Staten Island, New York and is a Public Health major with a minor in Social Policy and Environmental Science. She is a member of CARE, the Compassion Awareness Responsible Eating Club, which educates students and raises awareness about the injustices of global food systems. She is very excited to become more involved in Pi Phi, and loves taking parts in various projects within the sorority. “I have found my closest friends through Pi Phi, and the sisterhood within this sorority is so unique and special. I can’t wait to work alongside such amazing, dedicated girls and dedicate time towards building our chapter!” 

Name: Taylor Martin
E-Mail: mdgammavpc@gmail.com

Taylor is a sophomore majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Spanish for the Professions. On campus, Taylor is a member of the Ladybirds Dance team, the American Marketing Association, and works in the JHU Athletic Office. Taylor says, “my favorite part of Pi Phi is the family that I have found. Growing up I was a part of huge gymnastics and dance teams and was a Girl Scout, so I was always surrounded by teammates and friends, and Pi Phi is no different. I can always count on my sisters to be there for me, no matter what, and my life would be so different without these girls.”

Vice President of Event Planning

Our 2019 Vice President of Event planning is Kate Keough! Kate is from Aubrey, Texas and is a Behavioral Biology major with intentions of going to veterinary school. On campus, she is involved in PAWS, a club that supports the Maryland SPCA in Hampden. She volunteers at the SPCA to walk and take care of the dogs, and on campus, she makes treats and toys for the animals. For Pi Phi, she recently took on the position of Vice President of Event Planning because she takes great joy in creating events during which people can have a great time. She is very excited to take on a greater role in the sorority because it has been a great impact on her college experience.  

Lisa is a sophomore, Biomedical Engineering Major and is also involved in BlueKey, Global Brigades, research, and the Johns Hopkins Inter-Asian Council. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is matcha green tea and her favorite part about being a Pi Phi is the sense of community and support. If she has any questions about anything or if she is going through a tough time she knows she will always have her pham or other sisters to turn to.

New Member Coordinator

Meet Amelia Wingard, our 2019 New Member Coordinator. She is from Charleston, South Carolina and is currently studying Oboe Performance at Peabody, Hopkins’ Music School. Being a member of Pi Beta Phi has enhanced her college experience tenfold. She is surrounded by a group of empowered women who embody the values of our organization. “I can always count on a Pi Phi to share sincere friendship with me, whether it’s studying with me after chapter, or having a sleepover on a Friday night. I am so excited to share this value of sincere friendship with our upcoming Pledge Class as New Member Coordinator. I especially want to strengthen interclass relationships by hosting movie nights and having coffee dates with these girls.” She is looking forward to this upcoming year and cannot wait to see what it has in store! Welcome, Amelia, we’re so excited to have someone as passionate as you!